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Donna Gail's Designs

Just Peachy Custom Freshie

Just Peachy Custom Freshie

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4" x 4"

This is a hanging car freshie.  They make your vehicle look and smell nice. Makes a great gift.  Made from premium aroma beads. These can last up anywhere from 3-6 weeks depends on your climate.  In extreme heat scent may not last as long.  Our freshies are packaged in a holographic pouch.  


These are made to order please allow 3-5 business days. 


-May melt in extreme heat/direct sunlight
-Do not lay on dash or other surfaces as they may stain
-Keep away from children and pets
-Do not consume
-Keep in cool/dry place until ready to use

*Use immediately after opening

*Do not hang in a place that obscures drivers visibility

*We are not liable for misuse and do not issue a refund or replacement if your freshie melts.  We are not responsible for any damages it may cause due to misuse.  If you vehicle will be parked in direct sunlight in extreme temperatures we recommend hanging your freshie from your turn signal lever.

We are not responsible for stolen or misdelivered packages. If your item has not been delivered 14 days after shipped date, package maybe lost in mail, Contact United States Postal Service, File a claim for Lost Package we will not replace items if lost package claim has not been done.



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