Collection: Licensing


We have two options to choose from.  Single Design License & All Design License.  Information on both are listed  in our Terms & Conditions.

If you are purchasing my designs for personal use (meaning you will not be printing items such as clear and white case decals, dtf, fabric, ect.) to sell then you do NOT need a license.

If you are a small business that will be printing my designs onto clear or white cast decals,dtf, fabric, uvdtf, etc. then you will need to purchase a license.  We have two options one design license and an all design license.


One license per business.  Non-transferrable. Violation of our terms and conditions will result in revoking your license with no refunds and will not be permitted to get another license.  Commercial license is needed to sell Sublimation prints, Uvdtf prints, Clear and White Cast Decals, dtf, Stickers, fabric, ect.  License is meant to be purchased with digital files or images.  NO artwork comes with a license. 


*Sell our designs as Screen Prints, Sublimation Prints, DTF & UVDTF prints, Clear & White Cast Prints, Vinyl, Fabric, blankets, backpacks, ect.

*Resize files to fit the dimensions of your project however resizing may cause distortion of file.  My designs are 300+ DPI Png Files.  Sizing is listed in all of my listings. 


*NO overlays or patterns over my designs

*CANNOT sell my designs without a license

*CANNOT resell my designs

*CANNOT use print on demand sites

*CANNOT post in dump groups

*CANNOT share my designs

***If sharing on social media you must use a Mockup with a watermark to protect my designs*** If you post my designs without a watermark your license will be revoked, you will not be permitted to obtain a refund or purchase another license. ***

     For any questions please email us at